Content Marketing For Lifestyle Brands And Small To Medium Sized Firms That Help People With Business Or Self Development.


Lifestyle entrepreneurship is the choice to design your work and life. It is the perfect intersection of passion and profit that allows the business builder a life of freedom, ease, and enjoyment. Many of the life coaches, healers and business coaches we know fall into the category of lifestyle entrepreneurship, where they build their brand just large enough to employ their family and friends. Others in the business coaching or self-development industry, like Tony Robbins and Lisa Nichols, build conglomerate businesses and hire half their city.

Copy Write Brand enjoys working with badass solopreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses who want more visibility. We help content creators, coaches, spiritual consultants, and woo-woo business owners to get in front of their audience and build customer loyalty.

We are a bunch of prodigies, social misfits, non-conformists nut jobs who believe in ourselves. We love manifesting our dreams and creating experiences and products that make the world better. And we especially enjoy helping others to do the same through effective content planning and implementation.

Coaching and small business pain points

Connect with us to discuss your marketing goals and mission, and we will create a strategy just for you. We can help you get your unicorn yoni eggs and crystal sprinkles to your favorite stans or build a list of brand evangelists who chase people down just to brag about you. We welcome companies that are a little different, with owners passionate enough to spit. And want only to work with people who are fun and say the “F” word a lot, as a matter of principle.

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Content Marketing Services


What You Share With Your Audience Should Lead to Your Brand’s Success.

You know you want to be on the SERP first page where 95% of the action takes place, but how?

Whether your goal is to grow your email list, build your sales funnel, get exposure or increase customer loyalty, you need quality content to achieve it.

We ensure our clients understand what their key goal is and what they should be focused on to achieve it.

Our Step by Step keyword research and planning puts your audience first and tells your brand’s story so they come to know, love and trust you. We implement that strategies that increase awareness and brand recall, educates and engages your customers and directs then clearly and gently through the buying journey.

We know what it means to be a business owner and to have a million irons on the stove.Content creation is what we’re good at, we’d hate to say it is “our jam,” because that’s just cheesy 🙂

But we take pleasure in the creation of all things noteworthy and shareific ( we also make up words) and memorable.

Once the conversation is started and your material is distributed, we listen to hear what your audience is saying and use metrics to measure and adjust to attract new customers and retain the patrons.

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Who is it for?

interaction and engagement artists

Content Creators Engagement Artists


Are you an infopreneur, a course creator, an artist with products or a passionate service provider? Do you have a website but no traffic or traction? Need more subs, sales or satisfaction from your brand? Let’s help you get your offer to the right people.

Influencer Business leadership

Up and Coming Influencers

Have a self-made brand you want more exposure for? We’ll show them all the good bits. and a little of the naughty if you so desire. Contact us to get started on your influencer journey.

Healers, consultants, life coach, business coach

Consultants, Coaches, and Healers

Whether you’re a wealth coach or a certified consultant in all things woo-woo, we welcome your business. Let’s connect you to your ultimate tribe so the healing, expansion, and manifestations can begin.

Brand Identity

Building a Successful and Recognizable Brand Requires a Combination of Strategy, Design, and Storytelling.

It’s Easy! Inject your brand’s style, voice, and mannerism and watch your site make friends.

Whether your brand is serious with cutting dry humor or you ride unicorns on pixie stardust clouds, let the world see underneath your perfect. Let them sit up and take notice

Expose your brand’s good and if so inclined, naughty bits with images that captivate and words that seduce to action. 

Need Writing that Expresses Your Deepest Passion?

We work with you to clarify your message, tell your uniques story and ensure your brand, whether personal or business stands out. We work with International medical graduates, young professionals, healers, coaches, and creators to ensure the world knows what they have to offer. Our consultation sessions involve in-depth questionnaires, goal setting, briefing, and project review to ensure all the key symbols are used in the right way to represent your brand.

Branding Services we provide:

  • Brand Style Guide Creation
  • Initial Website Layout/planning for your designer
  • Branded Social Media Management
  • Personal statement and CV creation
  • Brand/Industry research and content plan



Content Keyword Audit

Use Targeted Keyword Phrases to Increase SEO Effectiveness

Coaches, creators, healers and life transformation people are our favorite people to work with.

We like the wild ones, the middle children, the ones who need to do their own thing. Some people make businesses to suit their lifestyles and others turn their lifestyles into their business.

You may have all the information and you may be actively creating content. But is it effective? Does your content weave a path to your signature offers and services? Have you put systems in place to ensure that when your tribe flocks to your offer, they’re not jammed at the checkout? Are your steps in place and your tools integrated to ensure the transition from browser to buyer is a seamless one?

Many of the clients we work with are brilliant creators and lifestyle coaches, with an extraordinary knack for helping people improve their lives. However, they get bogged down in the details and tend to feel overwhelm associated with getting it all to work. A website audit will look at your content and help you steer it in the right direction. Not only will we show you what is working, but we will also outline what the content and product opportunities are and how you can use your current platform to access those.

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Work Samples

We Work Exclusively With Brands That Breathe Life Into Families, Communities, and Industries.

We intend, nay, we yearn to be the go-to lifestyle holistic brand builders through content creation and strategies. By partnering with like-minded business builders and the resulting developing businesses, we believe we are making a difference in families around the world.

Take a look at some content samples below or get in touch with us to see if we can accommodate your custom content need.



signature offer sample

Lead Magnet Sample

The Signature offer lead magnet was commissioned as a first step in the lead generation strategy that uses free downloads, email marketing for relationship building and product promotion and over time, community building. The Create Launch Online Business marketing team wanted a quick downloadable document that could be used for years to come to get interested parties started in their own idea mining online.

The signature offer pdf is written in a manner that allows for updates, as they arise but offers insights on creating products or services to be sold online that will be useful for a long time. Once the design becomes outdated or systems and software change, the team can write a foreword addressing changes, redesign the package and reuse it as a lead magnet for those seeking help with their online business process.

Click HERE to review the Signature Offer Lead Magnet and Template.


infographic explaining feasibility

Infographic Sample

An infographic is a succinct image dependent piece of content that can be used to convey complex concepts in a more simplified manner. While interactive, an infographic also transfers valuable company information quickly and in absorbable bits. When graphics are used, comprehension is increased and cognition improved thus allowing employees, visitors, customers or investors to have a clearer understanding of otherwise monotonous data.

As part of an online business building kit, the following Feasibility Infographic was created to explain to subscribers the various steps in the process of validating their ideas so they can create income from them. This is another example of the kind of content we create for clients to keep their customers informed and educated as well as to build trust and in turn increase their network.

Click HERE to further review the Feasibility Infographic.

brand your style

Brand Style Guide Sample

My Girl Gigi is a bold, rebellious, almost fatalistic brand that gets in your face. If the brand were a person, she would have dark hair and smell of hashish and perfumed body powder distributed by an expensive puff. She would embody the feminine with a rugged strength and minimalistic approach that embodies the motto: “cut out the extra crap.”

The purple martini has been the inspiration for the brand from the start of the business and is modified to fit each platform and distributed marketing material.  Our rendition of the My Girl Gigi brand style guide houses the fierceness, perfectionist, yet personable brand image. The simple 20-page style guide covers style instructions, brand identity representation and design guide and can be updated as the brand evolves and rebrands while being detailed enough for graphic designers and marketing teams to follow and remain on-brand.

Click HERE to review the My Girl Gigi Brand Style Guide