Starting out with an online business and need compelling copy?

Copy. Write. Brand. is a Toronto area, web-based copywriting service, specializing in web copy for new offers, launching online businesses, and professionals seeking writing help.

Contrary to popular belief knowing how to write does not make you good at it. In fact, most people dread the idea of having to write a paragraph. Needless to say, a whole 20-page sales letter can leave even the most seasoned copywriter daunted. When first starting out, online entrepreneurs want to know:

🤷 How do I get started?

🤷 What comes first the sales page or the opt-in?

🤷 How do I make my website rank on Google?

🤷 What do I write…on 20 pages?

🤷 How do I say it clearly, concisely and get visitors to convert?

🤷 What software and skills do I need to learn?

The learning curve when just starting an online business can be steep. Without great freelancers and subcontractors to outsource to, most new entrepreneurs struggle to keep up with their coaches and peers.

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You don’t have to be good at it…Just don’t do it in public.

I’m no copy snob. I believe that nobody starts out being good at it, much like other things.

I also believe that you are most progressive doing what you enjoy and are good at. So, why waste time wading through seas of copywriting blog that are likely saying the same thing?

Get my customized and packaged-for-you services and reduce the learning curve.

And, because we’re besties I’ll even keep the bad copy between us. After all, what’s a little bad grammar between friends huh?

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What I Give You.

Any copywriter who’s been at it for a while can churn out a few emails and send an invoice. But I approach it in a more meticulous way. Since my business is built on creating and maintaining relationships, the words that set the foundation for your business, offer or application are strategically employed after careful study of your market.

✔️  Have the peace of mind of being prepared for launch, work presentation or client pitching.

✔️ Enjoy the process of becoming successful, instead of being overwhelmed

✔️ Advance confidently, knowing your best version is on display

✔️ Get everything, in one place to make the “writing portion” convenient.

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