Step by Step Guide to Sales Pages

How to easily create sales pages, understand the techy stuff and uncover expert secrets.

Have you ever searched a key phrase, question or how to in Google, only to be brought to pages of posts that all say the same damn thing?  It seems to be a bit of a trend for articles to replicate and regurgitate the same old tired concepts, all while omitting valuable, actionable and pertinent steps that would make tutorials and how to articles so much more valuable.

Teaching others to do something can often prove more complicated than doing the thing.


If you have ever had to teach a child to tie a knot or learn a new skill we do intrinsically, you realize that knowledge transfer is difficult. Breaking complex concepts into simpler terms and steps takes a certain level of meticulous attention to detail and organization. Not only do guides and how-tos have to outline each step for the newbie, but it must also be detailed and valuable enough to offer the veteran a tidbit of new information, called the “golden nugget.” So, while the topic of the included guide might seem to be an affront to coaches and teachers in the industry, the truth is, it’s a way for us to fill the gap when we find ourselves lost in technology jargon r unable to figure out how to integrate our email with our lead magnets.

In the included guide, I have outlined all the basic steps to create a sales page, including various things I had to belly crawl through the deep web and sell my first..ok, I’m being dramatic, but it was trek finding some of the information the “experts” and “gurus” omitted.  Click on the image below to download the guide and get ready to plan, design and write copy for your first, or greatest sales page that actually gets the results you want.

Let me know in the comments if I have left out any steps that were crucial( oh the horror!)

Sales page guide with steps



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