7 Habits of Effective Content Creators-Part 4-Deep Research

How to Conduct Deeper Research for Effectively Deep Content

In the last week of content training in the Facebook group, we discussed digging deeper into market research, audience research, promotion, and products. So today, let’s discuss making your content deeper versus going wide and what the advantages are.

The difference between the two is that deep content is specific, well researched, detailed and likely lengthy discussions on one topic, while wide covers multiple related topics but on a more surface level and appeals to a more general audience.

So, for example, with this week’s topic of in-depth research, I covered a wide range of topics from market research to product research and gave tips on why to conduct them and how to get them done. To go deeper, I would need to dig into a step by step guided article that goes into the meat of the matter and links to data that explains data gathering, campaign strategies, and product diversification, for example, more profoundly.

As you can imagine going from shallow to deep content is not as simple as a straight line. Content is often found somewhere on the spectrum and tends to be a mix of both methods. Either way, there are several benefits for exploring a topic more specifically including allowing your brand or content to establish authority, to be tied to certain keywords, and to be found and accepted by those elite customers and followers who need more analytical and comprehensive guidance to help them along the buying process.

Here is an interesting break down of deep content I found in my research.

“Deep Content
All types of content that

Takes time to create (more than 2 hours)
Needs research or learning in advance to be able to produce it (indefinite hours)
Is hosted on your own domain, your CMS, etc. or a platform meant to host deep content (i.e. Medium for text, Soundcloud for podcasts)
Is content that you want to be associated with your name or brand with
Is bringing in both traffic via social media and search engine, but much more relevant on the long run (as chances are higher that your content stays relevant for a longer period of time compared to social media updates)
Likely created in low frequency.”

You can learn more about this breakdown at https://freshvanroot.com/blog/2017/deep-content-vs-shallow-content/


Is Deep Better Than Wide When it Comes to Content Marketing?

So while broad content has quite a bit of advantages, namely, appealing to more people, easier to compose and research and promote to a wider audience Going more in-depth with your material and the exposure of the more nuanced nitty-gritty areas of a topic will attract specialists, build brand authority and be accepted as more resonant to a specific audience. This is great, as this content allows for relationship building in which you are being known, liked and trusted by the best and most significant audience members. These are the kinds of people who interact, engage, share with their friends, and become ambassadors of your brand.

Pssst, in case you didn’t get it yet, you want these people, more than the random lurkers who kinda like what you do but never share or take action.

analytics provide data on what customers want to achieve


How to go Deeper With Your Content?


  • Make it richer-Knowing what you want to achieve with your content isnèt enough these days. You need to find out what your audience isn’t asking, what they’re hinting at and what the deeper emotional connections for them are. So for example, if someone is asking how can they stand out in a crowded market, by digging deeper you will often find out that they are asking will they be able to turn a profit and will it take a long time to do so. These questions are tied to financial security and feelings of accomplishment and pride. By doing the prospecting research, you can learn what your audience is really wanting to know and create something on your website that answers the questions before they are asked. So, a frequently asked question page is often overlooked on websites( I don’t yet have one on my new site) but can be a very variable resource for your audience and SEO for your brand.


  • Market Research-I read somewhere that asking the right questions is the key to market research and I would go as far as to say it is also the key to content market research as well. Whatever it is that you needed to know the most, start there. Many of the books and teachings that come out of the digital marketing sphere are simple answers to questions the author has faced or seemingly insurmountable problem that many people face. The main question we would like to answer as content marketers is where do I promote my content or what the heck do I write to attract my best clients? I have said this time and time again, go to Quora and Reddit, set alerts, find the questions and just dig and dig until you find the answer that suits your business. I wrote an article on keyword research which goes into how to find the questions your audience is asking and find the answers beyond what you assume them to be.


  • Deep Research– There are tools that you can use to analyze your content and the leading content in your industry. Content insights are provided on each platform that you post on and on the Google Analytics platform as well. In all honesty, I really don’t completely understand how to use Google Analytics but there are tons of Youtube videos to help us along the way. With this tool, you can learn about what your users are searching for, how they are using your content and what they are trying to achieve. As I mentioned in one of my Group updates this week, you want to develop statistics about your customer habits that determine how they do and will buy and what they need before they know they need it. Here is a quick video on Google Analytics that was done by one of my long-time favorite tutors Ranking Academy, on Youtube, to help you get started on using Google Analytics.

Knowing your target audience intimately and getting them to know, like, trust and believe in your brand is a big deal. In act, it might be the only deal you get to strike with your content as a digital business, so use research wisely. Just like exercising and eating healthy has to be done over the lifetime of the human to keep them healthy, so too must research and development become a consistent endeavor for any business and especially those that operate online.

If you want the weekly updates mentioned in this blog, join my Facebook Group or if you need content marketing strategy services and content creation feel free to get in touch by booking a consultation.

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