Overcome Email Overwhelm in 3 Easy Steps


It’s been a while since I have written a blog post. One thing I didn’t consider when I desired and asked the Universe for an influx of work was how little time I would have to work on my business. The weirdest thing is, I have been learning so much of what I was doing wrong in the first place and what I can do more and less of and you can guess where blogging ended up. Yup, the latter. Since starting with the flow of clients I have enlisted the help of a design friend and a casual editor, who claims he is just an anal retentive guy who likes good grammar, so when I mention “we” I am not referring to the voices in my head. You will definitely know when my team has its hand in the doing of things as the blogs will be pristine, in the meantime, however, you get my ramblings and run on sentences. You’re welcome 😉

As I worked fastidiously to manage what some may think of as a drop in the bucket of client potential, I am reminded that Entrepreneurs are chronic over workers and as such tend to want to know and learn everything we can to make ourselves better, faster and more impactful. The problem is, when we start stock piling, we do it in all areas of our lives including our inboxes.

This month the focus at Copy Write Brand has been to cut back, slow down and in the process do a better job of mastering the finer details. So, we decided to clean up our processes and systems, and especially our back of office systems that give us that niggling feeling of being overwhelmed.
One such area is email. Not only was the personal email filled with spam and unopened space eating junk, but our business email and subscriber system was also a total tangled wreck. So, in the spirit of mastery and being meticulous, we started by releasing that which no longer served. Here’s how we did it so we could look at our email and smile instead of wince.

love your inbox again
1. Delete all the emails in our inbox! Risqué, we know, however, great changes require risk taking and that we did. Since outlook allows 2 weeks between items being moved to the trash and the final deletion, we knew we had to work fast to restore the items we wanted and delete the rest. This process was quite eye-opening. About 80 % of the emails in our inboxes went unopened. Nada describes what happened as, wanting one item from a store and being bombarded with flyers after. She thinks it makes people less likely to buy and we are inclined to believe her. This also helped us to reconsider our email and overall content strategy.

2. Secondly, we spent the two weeks vigorously scrambling through the deleted emails to recover those we wanted to keep and organize them in files. The recovery was important but the files more so as we had neglected to organize our inbox before. As we organized the different email files and subject matter, it became clear to us what we really were passionate about doing or solving. And that helped us to better organize our time, efforts and marketing plan. Additionally, knowing how much more we needed to be doing after hitting publish has lit a fire under our assets.

3. Finally, we unsubscribed from anything we didn’t open in the two weeks it took to clean up our emails. Anything new that came in gave us a great idea as to what we had been subscribed to in the last 5 years. Not only were we able to organize the emails we kept, but also had the chance to view the messages and content that caused us stress in the first place and eliminate them. Some businesses sent numerous emails daily, which to us, felt like an assault we couldn’t abide. There were even leaders we loved hearing from but found it difficult to keep up with as they pumped out meaningless information to us on a continuous basis. This got us thinking about what our audience really needed from us and why we shouldn’t be sending out content just to be busy. As Tim Ferris said in the 40 Hour Work Week, doing less is not lazy. So, we implemented a more scaled back and minimalistic approach to our content strategy, to ensure quality over quantity.


Clarity in business is very necessary but not always readily available. In the last 3 years, I have spent time, money and numerous other resources trying to figure out why no one listened to me, why very few liked my brand or why I would end up doing so much for so little return. The list of tweaks we found in our research, still to be implemented are simple, but when done right will get us to the place we so desperately desire to be. One day, when we have formulated the best content creation strategy that gives us the speed and structure we need and allows room to work more on the business, we will share what we did and how it worked for us. As it stands right now, we analyze and test. Try this crazy strategy stumbled upon by yours truly to clean up your inbox and bring more clarity to your business.

Until next time,

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