How Avengers End Game Taught Me to Pursue My Dreams.


I am not a big Marvels Cinematic Universe buff. I watch superhero movies like mostly everyone else, asking my kids to explain plot holes and concepts I sometimes miss. And while I only watched a few of the Avengers movies, I have come to appreciate the creative genius behind the beloved and groundbreaking comics. After watching Infinity Wars, I was pumped for Endgame like the rest of the Marvel fanbase. What I didn’t anticipate are all the parallels I would notice between the Law of Attraction and the Time Travel Paradox the superheroes faced. And I especially didn’t expect to be inspired to pursue my dreams at all cost, including bending reality by watching a comic adapted into a movie.

Though Quantum Physics scholars are all hell-bent on arguing whether the Time Travel Paradox faced in the movie is a possibility, my attention was squarely focused on the law of attraction themes and how mindset and belief mixed with a little science and wealth can help people accomplish anything.

Of course, I understand it is all transpiring in a made up world, however, what in our world has not emerged from a daydream and was once non-existent? So humour me a while, will you? The most impressive and impactful use of the law of attraction in the movie, in my opinion, was the phrase “I Am Inevitable.” Uttered by Thanos after his determination to right the world in his warped sense of obligation brought him from a past in which he dies into a future he had no place being. And even better yet, after he had lost all the infinity stones he had yet to acquire.  The phrase I AM is such a powerful utterance and has been described by spiritual teachers such as Wayne Dyer as the name of God. His interpretation springs from the phrase being used in Exodus when Moses was being sent on a mission to address the people and asked God who sent him. The response, “I AM That I AM” has since been made to represent the name of the Hebrew God and is used by many spiritual seekers as a way to define who they are and what they embody.

I am now

As a spiritual student myself, I have used the phrase I AM and believe it has many powerful ties to the belief and values I hold dear. However, it is not simply the I AM portion of the phrase that struck me as poignant but what follows, inevitable. I was watching a Ted Talk with Gabrielle Bernstein recently and she quoted a portion of a Course in Miracles that spoke about certainty in the result and have no fear. It was something along the lines of “once you are certain the result is inevitable, you no longer fear the process or the waiting.” This sentiment struck me deeply because looking around there is so much evidence of people who are working toward results they are not sure will come to fruition. Often, I am wishy-washy in my belief about things I want to accomplish and suffer imposter syndrome or fear of not knowing enough, not doing enough or not being enough. So, to see the unwavering faith and determination demonstrated by an antagonist, even if it was toward an outcome many didn’t uphold was incredible. After watching Endgame, I played with this phrase in my head in many different ways. It was such an empowering thought, knowing that the outcome I am working toward is already done, inescapable, signed sealed and delivered. I Am Inevitable. Who I am becoming is evitable, I Am inevitable success, I Am inevitable freedom, I Am That I Am and that is unshakeable. By repeating those kinds of affirmations to myself, and knowing that I have the power to create inevitable success because it is in me, I feel joy and a momentum that ignites my reasons for doing what I do even more and encourages me to continue pushing through and as Winston Churchill states, not lose enthusiasm, as I know, without a doubt that I Am inevitable and I Am success.

self sacrifice

If you are a true fan of superhero movies or pretty much any movie with a protagonist, you know there is often a required sacrifice. The Endgame movie was no exception and in fact, the theme was centred on sacrifice, as Thanos believed he had to sacrifice those who died, including his own daughter Gamora, whom he loved. What seemed different and stood out to me in this particular flick was the scene in which Hawkeye and Black Widow fight over who would sacrifice their lives to acquire the soul stone. Both wanted to live and wanted the other to live more. Both knew the sacrifice was permanent, both loved themselves the most and therefore could only sacrifice the self for the greater good. Another similar sacrifice came at the snap of Tony Stark’s fingers when after looking at Dr Strange, being reminded that there was only one outcome in which they are victorious, and knowing that any other way he would lose his young daughter and Spiderman again, he gave his own life. As a parent, this sacrifice is understandable to me theoretically. However, as a business owner and law of attraction scholar, I have never really thought about what I would and likely am sacrificing for the desires I have to serve and succeed. I know I quote Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich a lot, maybe too much for some, but it’s the one book I can honestly say I have studied and reread and still need to read again. So, in the stages of gathering wealth, he talks about desire and in that topic he mentions sacrifice and deciding what one will have to give up to attain the wealth he wishes to accumulate. Whenever I read that, I always file it under, “Oh shit, I guess I have to figure this out someday,” and kind of move on. The fact is though to be who we are and to acquire what we desire, we all make sacrifices. What we may be missing is the willingness to sacrifice things or the joy associated with knowing we have chosen, we are not living by default.  All accomplishment requires some discipline and with that comes late nights, early mornings, missing out on family gatherings and missing our children. What the characters from the movie awakened in me was the thought that inevitable outcomes should be met with joyful ok, maybe that’s too much, but at least willing sacrifice that we do not gripe about. After thinking about the things I often missed out on or had to give up to be my best self or my Inevitable Me, as I’m now calling it, I wonder how much my life and business would change if I could just be grateful that I get to create that and that I am able to release or miss or not buy that one thing because my inevitable future means so much more.

Finally, the Avengers Endgame, a movie I will be watching quite a few times to discover more hidden gems, reminded me of the continuity of life and all that we are and that energy never dies. when Peter Parker returned, he rambled on about being in another place or dimension, with Dr Strange and then being brought back to earth. For all intents and purposes, the people from Infinity War, the doomed half were dead. What Marvel touched on was the fear people have of everything ending and no longer existing. My son who was sixteen at the time said to me, “You know mom, I am convinced that people cannot fear death, They have no knowledge of it. I believe that what people fear is missing out on life, not having what they know. And it makes me wonder since we have what we know here, why not use it to the best of our ability so we have nothing left by the time we are removed.” I couldn’t agree more. And while I don’t truly believe in death, because we are energy and energy can neither be created or destroyed, I do believe we are here with a strict purpose we yearn to fulfil and the fear we do face has to do with falling short of our true potential. The multidimensional nod in the movie just reminded me of the saying “don’t die until you’re dead,” Billy Connoly which to me means, stop spending so much time in a place of fear and unproductivity and focus on the living part of life where you are doing what you came to do.

watercolor dream

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