My Story

You absolutely should make money from your website.

As a work from home mom, I understand the complexities of building a business and an enjoyable lifestyle at the same time.

The last 5 years I worked in copywriting and content production in both corporate and freelance settings.

It turns out I’m a natural free spirit 😉

As a marketer, and a copywriter, I possess a keen understanding of the power of attraction. And I focus on using attraction to help people make their websites produce better results.

My brand philosophy is simple: do something I love, gain financial freedom from it, and help other like-minded business owners do the same.

 In the last 2 years, I have helped doctors, young professionals, corporations and small businesses build their brands and create compelling sales material. I also teach people how I get my website on Google’s first page, for search terms in my industry.

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why do people search


 Online entrepreneurship is a doozie that you can definitely enjoy.

Previously, while working from home, I was stuck in an uncomfortable office chair, working 9 hours or more each day, doing something that made me feel ill each day. One day, I realized that my first thought when I woke up was “how many hours until work ended ?” Work didn’t start for another 3 hours.

I became very clear on what I would rather be doing that day and took action.

I had only the desire to be free and enjoy how I was spending my time. I had helped people with their personal brand and enjoyed it and I  also relished setting up websites that make money. I chose the niche of keyword research for quality content to help others who need what I do with ease.

 My mission has always been to join forces with 5-10 boss moms who are experts in their niches to provide a complete online marketing service.

My vision is to empower work from home, and lifestyle business owners to achieve life-work enjoyment and freedom.

Personal branding testimonials

Connecting with me is easy.


To make sure I’m not erasing whole folders while tired from adulting, I maintain the simplest systems and processes. I do the same for connecting with my fans, prospects, and clients.

Once we connect, there are three steps to ensure a clear understanding of your marketing goals, metrics and time frames to create your roadmap.

We discuss your needs and how I can help, then I research your profit gap opportunity and we strategize.


My process

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