Sales pages, email sequences, webpages, personal statements,essays, cover letters and resumes all sell people.

You read that right, it’s not a typo. While the sale of people conjures dark images, everytime people decide to click on a photo or buy a product or offer someone a position, they were sold on the person first.

I should mention that I am obsessed with the idea of being able to use words to help people create wealth.

What does that have to do with you?

I help the people who actually give a damn about their work or the impact their work has on their lifestyle.

Having built sales funnels and applied for many jobs and contracts, I understand the struggle to be competent at all the moving parts of a new job or business and you should not have to do it alone.

I keep my rates affordable because I know the struggle. Many copywriting rates are exorbitant! I said it. Copywriting as a service takes time to be done well, and should be compensated, within reason.



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I am here to help anyone trying to secure an opportunity tell their story in a way that gets them the result they seek.  I work with entrepreneurs, professionals, firms and graduate students to create the most compelling and customized versions of their story to get people to take action.

Whether you are seeking a conversion or a promotion, I help you create the most attractive version of yourself on paper, not in person, I’m not that good…yet :0

 I  write the words you know you want to say but can’t quite find.

If you are just starting out with online business building, you may be surprised by the amount of copywriting it takes to launch. Most coaches shrug through the copywriting section, either not having enough knowledge to teach it or not finding it important enough to focus on.

This is a mistake.

While copy(words that sell) or the content( words that relate) you share is not considered the engine in the locomotive that is a sales funnel, words drive the desire that drives the people.

Without an understanding of what drives your audience and how to get them to notice, crave and consume your product( offer), you are essentially stagnant. Copywriting is more than just playing with words( though I do that), it is a study of human behavior patterns and the psychology behind their decisions.

When coaching, I encourage my students to” stalk” their prospect and “get intimate” with their customers so they can transition them from lurkers and visitors to lifelong, loyal fans of their work.

Random Facts About Me that Have Nothing to do with my work

Now that we are going to be spending so much time together, you may as well get to know me.

I’d like to be paid for mukbangs (eating copious amounts of food on camera)… get paid to eat? I’d eat seafood all day.

The older I get, the tougher I become and the more I like girly things.

I’m a logophile and a pluviophile and I totally just made you look up those words 🙂

I want to be Stephen King Famous-My biggest fans would be rude to me at a coffee shop.

I like all of language-even the colorful stuff, so don’t be alarmed if I cuss (curse for the more bourgeois among us)…

My Reasons for all the things…

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