Professional LinkedIn Profile Setup: Part One

What is LinkedIn and Who Uses it?

If you are a professional, a recent graduate, a student or a recruiter of any active company, LinkedIn is the social media platform to learn about and use to improve your hiring and job seeking potential. LinkedIn is a professional network that launched in 2003 and targets the business community. The website allows colleagues and professional connections to network online, search for jobs and share ideas and products.

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Creating a Productive Work From Home Schedule

Daily Routines for Productivity

Choosing to be a remote worker means being responsible for your own schedules and having no one to tell you what you need to accomplish and how. But, that also means you are left on your own to figure out all the scheduling, deadlines and due dates of any project you take on. What are you supposed to be doing and for how long? Who determines when you’ve done enough and what if you are doing the wrong things? Additionally, there is often so much distraction at home, cleaning to be done, children to attend to, bills and repairs, it’s all unsettling trying to get anything done. So, what does a productive schedule look like and how do you get started?

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