How To Stay Motivated When Nothing Seems To Be Working In Your Business

The Truth is Most Entrepreneurs Have Faced the Dread of Complete Financial Ruin.

Motivation though intangible can be the difference between success and failure. Many very talented and well-educated business owners give up on their dreams and end up building someone else’s because they have a hard time maintaining a positive outlook when things get tough. Let’s take a look at a scenario:

It’s Monday again and you eagerly check your email to see if any of the cold emails you sent out in the last week got responses. You are expectant because you followed all the advice your mentors gave you and tweaked the hell out of your flat boring former correspondence. You open your email, and aside from offers for you to buy more training and Google alerts, crickets. Not a single response, not even to say don’t message me you freak.

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Getting Started With Business Keyword Research

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right

Search Phrases for Your Ideal Business

Identifying your passion and personality based business.

As brand builders, coaches, and consultants, everything we do is intentional and potentially life-altering. While creating our ideal passion-profit balance, we know the connections we make with the people whose lives we improve, not only fuel our creativity but also determine the longevity of our businesses. So how do we choose our ideal businesses and ensure we get our products in front of the right audience?

At every stage of the business, we must be clear about who we serve and why they come to us in particular. This decision process forms the basis for everything we create and distribute while informing all our research, goal setting, plans, and metrics for our brands. This is referred to as niche selection or specialization.

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Isn’t It Time We Stopped Shaming Quitters?

How following your bliss leaves some people behind-An opinion piece.

People really like to beautify their struggle, failure and the pain it brings. I get why this is necessary. I mean who wants to be the person that just gives up? Holding on in the tough times builds character and teaches lessons otherwise inaccessible. We adore the hero who, even on his dying bed, fought the good fight. And had it not been for the explorers, many of whom died in the process, our world would not have evolved to be this amazing wonderland we now enjoy. Society and the people in charge tell us that” winners never quit and quitters never win,” and so dutifully, we wake up at the crack of dawn, whip ourselves into working shape and bleeding our souls onto the floors of our offices day after day.

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How To Increase Your Self Worth And Choose Your Ideal Client…While Still Being Imperfect

Did You know that low self-esteem is the root cause of underpricing your services?

So I recently fired a client who gave me anxiety. I was so relieved to get rid of her though she’s only my second client. I had quoted a lower price than I was comfortable with because, well, I wimped out. So being rid of her was good for me. Now she’s begging me to do the work (I guess she figured out the hourly rates for copywriters were at the minimum twice what I quoted.) Anywhooo, I’m almost tempted to double my quote and take her on, but I know that would be bad for my health and self worth. Please talk me down from the ledge of cheap hoedom.😿😿😿 #Iknowmyworth #Iknowmyworth #Iknowmyworth #Butlegomindstormbeexpensiveaf #hallpppppp 

The above was I post I wrote to my Facebook mentor group, desperately seeking guidance from what I now call the “cheap hoe syndrome,”  as it tried to suck me in during my early freelancing days. I was newly restarting my freelance business, with children to feed and not enough money coming in and I was desperate. The client I referenced in the post was a nightmare! She was demanding, condescending, disrespectful and had no regard for my policies, personal time or humanity. On first meeting said client, she made sure to let me know to call her by her government granted credentials and wanted to know my background. In retrospect, I had seen all the red flags, but like a thirsty romantic with rose-colored glasses, I dove in, willing to sell my soul for cents on the dollar.

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How To Create Systems To Grow Your Brand and Improve User Experience

Understanding business processes and systems.

“In order for any business to succeed, it must first become a system so that the business functions exactly the same way every time down to the last detail”

(Rick Harshaw, Monopolize Your Marketplace).

I haven’t always been interested in creating systems in my business. In fact, when faced with the question “what does the process involve?” No matter how many times I had completed the steps to a particular task, I would hem and haw trying to figure out the correct answer and steps. 

Months ago, I mentioned my intention to level up my business in a mentor group and was wisely directed by many of the high-income earners to systemize my business. At first, I had no idea how on earth I would do something so great, but I set out on the journey to convert my hustle into a true business. Since then, I have become more coherent about what I do and how I do it. And my confidence level when asked about my system or processes is much improved. Now, whenever I proposition someone, I am certain to include what the process involves and how it can improve their lives or business and that helps me to be more professional and trustworthy to prospects.

First, a bit of background on what business systems are and why you need to not only define your processes but analyze and revise them until they automate your business. A process is a standard set of steps taken to complete a task. And a system, according to, is “A methodical procedure or process that is used as a delivery mechanism for providing specific goods or services to customers.” In more simple terms, a business system refers to the set of processes that help your business effectively create value for your customers. So, as an example, when creating a blog post, I use a list of steps including idea generation, keyword research, headline analysis and outlining to get to the end result. These steps have worked for me and help keep me on track to creating blog posts in a timely manner. This process is a part of my marketing system which is made up of many such processes.  Got it? Good, now let’s see how having your own systems can make everyone’s lives easier.


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Building a Successful Brand Image

Your Brand Style Guide can Save you From the Stress of Losing Valuable Business.

brand building jaguar brand

What is a brand style guide and why does my brand need it?

In its simplest terms, a brand style guide is a set of rules that govern the appearance and voice of your brand. Every business has a brand image which incorporates identity, voice, and the graphics that create a consistent image across all media. If you are wondering if your website or business needs a formal style guide, consider the following:

As a business owner, you are responsible for the organization and execution of all the moving parts of your brand. Being able to delegate any role including content creation, means having all key documents accessible to all content creators.  A cohesive framework, with well thought out elements, not only makes your brand easier to work with, but also quicker to find and identify.

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Step by Step Guide to Sales Pages

How to easily create sales pages, understand the techy stuff and uncover expert secrets.

Have you ever searched a key phrase, question or how to in Google, only to be brought to pages of posts that all say the same damn thing?  It seems to be a bit of a trend for articles to replicate and regurgitate the same old tired concepts, all while omitting valuable, actionable and pertinent steps that would make tutorials and how to articles so much more valuable.

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