7 Habits of Effective Content Creators-Part 4-Deep Research

How to Conduct Deeper Research for Effectively Deep Content

In the last week of content training in the Facebook group, we discussed digging deeper into market research, audience research, promotion, and products. So today, let’s discuss making your content deeper versus going wide and what the advantages are.

The difference between the two is that deep content is specific, well researched, detailed and likely lengthy discussions on one topic, while wide covers multiple related topics but on a more surface level and appeals to a more general audience.

So, for example, with this week’s topic of in-depth research, I covered a wide range of topics from market research to product research and gave tips on why to conduct them and how to get them done. To go deeper, I would need to dig into a step by step guided article that goes into the meat of the matter and links to data that explains data gathering, campaign strategies, and product diversification, for example, more profoundly.

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Why having a content marketing plan and sticking to it is your best bet

How’s throwing a post against every social media wall working for you?


I have a marketing plan, I even spent the time to create an actual content marketing strategy. However, the other day I got frustrated with my process and went off the rails for a minute, ok longer. To be honest, I do this way more than I should, I get frustrated that my writing career isn’t happening fast enough and then try to run around in circles to make money in other ways. Part of my marketing plan includes cold emails, which honest to goodness I hate doing. So, true story, I decided the other day to try my luck at another type of work, outside my house. I was desperate and frustrated, and so off I went to try my hand at something else. One day, after 12 hours of work in the cold ass Canadian weather, I made a grand total of about $110! The new opportunity had been like a carrot dangling in front of my face, so I had worked like a dog, with the hopes of making a quick lump sum to invest in my business. Of course that hadn’t happened and after a few weeks, I decided I would no longer deviate from my plan because no matter how much I hate cold emailing, I hated schlepping around in the cold even more.

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How To Make A Case For Content’s Undeniable Potential

Content Marketing Is Not Direct Marketing’s Ugly Step Sister

We’ve all met the client that has no idea what the difference is between copywriting and content marketing. Or, the client who wants it all, done his way, with no regard for the nuances and subtleties of the marketing asset that is content. And, there’s always the do more and faster client, who heard the rumours of other businesses that experienced exponential growth from their content marketing efforts. So how can we help to illuminate the compound benefits of a well thought out content marketing strategy to those who have no idea what the value potential is or how to appreciate the complexity of using content for relationship building.

To make the case for content marketing, we tend to approach it in this manner, as presented by Robert Rose of Content Marketing Institute, “Give us permission and budget to create content, and we’ll produce awesome stuff that will be more successful than advertising at driving top-of-the-funnel results.” And while there is no doubt that content applied properly and consistently can bring said results, we certainly would be missing the true benefits of this marketing model if we don’t learn the value of content outside of sales funnels. We must understand the longterm benefits of this asset and learn how to deliver useful, valuable material out of our desire to truly serve those who depend on us. So let’s discuss each of these points and then tie them together in a way our clients can come to see the real advantage of implementing a clear content strategy.

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Step by Step Guide to Sales Pages

How to easily create sales pages, understand the techy stuff and uncover expert secrets.

Have you ever searched a key phrase, question or how to in Google, only to be brought to pages of posts that all say the same damn thing?  It seems to be a bit of a trend for articles to replicate and regurgitate the same old tired concepts, all while omitting valuable, actionable and pertinent steps that would make tutorials and how to articles so much more valuable.

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