How To Create Systems To Grow Your Brand and Improve User Experience

Understanding business processes and systems.

“In order for any business to succeed, it must first become a system so that the business functions exactly the same way every time down to the last detail”

(Rick Harshaw, Monopolize Your Marketplace).

I haven’t always been interested in creating systems in my business. In fact, when faced with the question “what does the process involve?” No matter how many times I had completed the steps to a particular task, I would hem and haw trying to figure out the correct answer and steps. 

Months ago, I mentioned my intention to level up my business in a mentor group and was wisely directed by many of the high-income earners to systemize my business. At first, I had no idea how on earth I would do something so great, but I set out on the journey to convert my hustle into a true business. Since then, I have become more coherent about what I do and how I do it. And my confidence level when asked about my system or processes is much improved. Now, whenever I proposition someone, I am certain to include what the process involves and how it can improve their lives or business and that helps me to be more professional and trustworthy to prospects.

First, a bit of background on what business systems are and why you need to not only define your processes but analyze and revise them until they automate your business. A process is a standard set of steps taken to complete a task. And a system, according to, is “A methodical procedure or process that is used as a delivery mechanism for providing specific goods or services to customers.” In more simple terms, a business system refers to the set of processes that help your business effectively create value for your customers. So, as an example, when creating a blog post, I use a list of steps including idea generation, keyword research, headline analysis and outlining to get to the end result. These steps have worked for me and help keep me on track to creating blog posts in a timely manner. This process is a part of my marketing system which is made up of many such processes.  Got it? Good, now let’s see how having your own systems can make everyone’s lives easier.


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Creating a Productive Work From Home Schedule

Daily Routines for Productivity

Choosing to be a remote worker means being responsible for your own schedules and having no one to tell you what you need to accomplish and how. But, that also means you are left on your own to figure out all the scheduling, deadlines and due dates of any project you take on. What are you supposed to be doing and for how long? Who determines when you’ve done enough and what if you are doing the wrong things? Additionally, there is often so much distraction at home, cleaning to be done, children to attend to, bills and repairs, it’s all unsettling trying to get anything done. So, what does a productive schedule look like and how do you get started?

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