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Get a website audit and learn:

  • Use targeted keyword phrases to engage people to buy your products and philosophy.
  • Get branded communication that talks about your business with the same passion and clarity you do.
  • Attract and grow your audience with honest, well-written, organized behind the scenes or thought pieces from your team to get them to know your brand.


Get Your Website Audit

Get a website audit if your business wants more prospects and partnerships through attraction marketing.

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Who Does Not Need A Website Audit?

You have a good website that delivers an easy and accessible customer experience and makes sales consistently.

You have a great website that sells, directs traffic seamlessly, collects payments automatically and supplies content that enriches your target.

 How is your website performing?

  • Do you need help getting more visitors or customers?
  • Can you clearly state why you would buy your product?
  • Does your website say what you do clearly?
  • Are your calls to action, closes and check out processes clear and beneficial?
  • Is your content well written, detailed, tailored to the audience, and useful with links and actions?


Learn what you’re doing right and wrong and how to create a plan that outlines your website goals, next steps/actions, milestones, and metrics for your brand to ensure your business is aligned with the right people.


If your website dies on the internet today, will anyone notice? 


Get Your Website Audit

Freelance Writing Service

Every business needs a web presence. I help businesses get the exposure they need to rank on search engine first pages and become more accessible to their target audience using strategically planned, written and delivered communication.

But, I don’t stop at just getting you the audience, I help you connect and grow your email list with words and images designed to tell the story of your business solution to a captive audience.

In-depth industry research and customized strategies presented in a comprehensive and actionable package, help my clients achieve their key objectives faster.

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Website optimization for lifestyle brands

Whether you are a veteran online marketer seeking a fresh perspective on your audience or a lifestyle business owner who needs help creating the endless pages of content necessary for business, my content silo strategy helps you get it done faster and with more ease.

My clients like working with me because I simplify the process of website optimization and teach them how to maintain their update and build their email list using conversion based marketing.


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Knowing what you want to say is only half the battle.

Knowing who you are communicating with and being able to direct their clicks to your services and products is why you have a website. No matter how graphically pleasing or well designed a website, customers still move on if they are confused or cannot find relevant information.

My method is a proven content architecture strategy that designs, creates and distributes content based on your key audience search phrases and questions. We follow the methods implemented by professional bloggers and structure your marketing communication for maximum awareness and authority.

The process is simple but the results are astounding. Below are the steps I take with individual clients and companies to ensure customization.

First, an initial consultation. In this half-hour session, we discuss your brand’s needs, goals, products and how I can help you accomplish your objectives.

Next, the research phase.  At this point, I take 3 days to research your industry and find the gaps in the market that your offer fills and how you can dominate that area.

Finally, we strategize. using the data gathered, we put together a roadmap, with detailed strategies to build a solid foundation and build out your brand for authority and increased income.

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Let’s discuss your content strategy or marketing need. If we are a fit then I will help you achieve your website ranking and networking goals.


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