Content Keyword Audit

Use Targeted Keyword Phrases to Increase SEO Effectiveness

Coaches, creators, healers and life transformation people are our favorite people to work with.

We like the wild ones, the middle children, the ones who need to do their own thing. Some people make businesses to suit their lifestyles and others turn their lifestyles into their business.

You may have all the information and you may be actively creating content. But is it effective? Does your content weave a path to your signature offers and services? Have you put systems in place to ensure that when your tribe flocks to your offer, they’re not jammed at the checkout? Are your steps in place and your tools integrated to ensure the transition from browser to buyer is a seamless one?

Many of the clients we work with are brilliant creators and lifestyle coaches, with an extraordinary knack for helping people improve their lives. However, they get bogged down in the details and tend to feel overwhelm associated with getting it all to work. A website audit will look at your content and help you steer it in the right direction. Not only will we show you what is working, but we will also outline what the content and product opportunities are and how you can use your current platform to access those.

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