7 Habits of Highly Effective Content Creators-Part 3-Content Marketing Strategy

The Inbound Marketing Model is so Noisy, Why Should I Even Bother Going Through the Process of Creating a Plan?

So many people have written about the benefits of creating a content marketing strategy that I won’t spend a long time on that topic. The world of social media is inundated with content, everyone has something to say and they are all talking at the same time. In order to stand out from the crowd, your content must be organized, branded, useful and relatable. Now, a disclaimer here, a content marketing strategy alone doesn’t guarantee that you will break through and get a lot of traction with your audience. The idea, however, is practicing consistency in sharing your message and allowing people to engage with it, gives you a better shot at igniting your audience’s awareness and building a recognizable brand. Every year, platforms are changing their rules and so organic reach has become harder to obtain. Being very clear about what you need to share with your audience, makes it easier to connect with the people who need your message and cut through the noise.

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Why having a content marketing plan and sticking to it is your best bet

How’s throwing a post against every social media wall working for you?


I have a marketing plan, I even spent the time to create an actual content marketing strategy. However, the other day I got frustrated with my process and went off the rails for a minute, ok longer. To be honest, I do this way more than I should, I get frustrated that my writing career isn’t happening fast enough and then try to run around in circles to make money in other ways. Part of my marketing plan includes cold emails, which honest to goodness I hate doing. So, true story, I decided the other day to try my luck at another type of work, outside my house. I was desperate and frustrated, and so off I went to try my hand at something else. One day, after 12 hours of work in the cold ass Canadian weather, I made a grand total of about $110! The new opportunity had been like a carrot dangling in front of my face, so I had worked like a dog, with the hopes of making a quick lump sum to invest in my business. Of course that hadn’t happened and after a few weeks, I decided I would no longer deviate from my plan because no matter how much I hate cold emailing, I hated schlepping around in the cold even more.

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