How Avengers End Game Taught Me to Pursue My Dreams.


I am not a big Marvels Cinematic Universe buff. I watch superhero movies like mostly everyone else, asking my kids to explain plot holes and concepts I sometimes miss. And while I only watched a few of the Avengers movies, I have come to appreciate the creative genius behind the beloved and groundbreaking comics. After watching Infinity Wars, I was pumped for Endgame like the rest of the Marvel fanbase. What I didn’t anticipate are all the parallels I would notice between the Law of Attraction and the Time Travel Paradox the superheroes faced. And I especially didn’t expect to be inspired to pursue my dreams at all cost, including bending reality by watching a comic adapted into a movie.

Though Quantum Physics scholars are all hell-bent on arguing whether the Time Travel Paradox faced in the movie is a possibility, my attention was squarely focused on the law of attraction themes and how mindset and belief mixed with a little science and wealth can help people accomplish anything.

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How To Stay Motivated When Nothing Seems To Be Working In Your Business

The Truth is Most Entrepreneurs Have Faced the Dread of Complete Financial Ruin.

Motivation though intangible can be the difference between success and failure. Many very talented and well-educated business owners give up on their dreams and end up building someone else’s because they have a hard time maintaining a positive outlook when things get tough. Let’s take a look at a scenario:

It’s Monday again and you eagerly check your email to see if any of the cold emails you sent out in the last week got responses. You are expectant because you followed all the advice your mentors gave you and tweaked the hell out of your flat boring former correspondence. You open your email, and aside from offers for you to buy more training and Google alerts, crickets. Not a single response, not even to say don’t message me you freak.

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