Isn’t It Time We Stopped Shaming Quitters?

How following your bliss leaves some people behind-An opinion piece.

People really like to beautify their struggle, failure and the pain it brings. I get why this is necessary. I mean who wants to be the person that just gives up? Holding on in the tough times builds character and teaches lessons otherwise inaccessible. We adore the hero who, even on his dying bed, fought the good fight. And had it not been for the explorers, many of whom died in the process, our world would not have evolved to be this amazing wonderland we now enjoy. Society and the people in charge tell us that” winners never quit and quitters never win,” and so dutifully, we wake up at the crack of dawn, whip ourselves into working shape and bleeding our souls onto the floors of our offices day after day.

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Release and Receive : The Letting Go Ritual

The mind of an entrepreneur is his/ her most powerful tool, prime it for success

Have you ever said the words, “that’s just not me” when someone asks you to do or wear something? Or have you said, “that’s so me”, as you look at an incredible act or a very mom thing that you do? Honest;y, I have used those expressions so many times. But, let me let you in on a little secret, I have no idea who I am. Shocking right? I get it. Let me share my identity story with you, the abridged version of course.

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