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We Work Exclusively With Brands That Breathe Life Into Families, Communities, and Industries.

We intend, nay, we yearn to be the go-to lifestyle holistic brand builders through content creation and strategies. By partnering with like-minded business builders and the resulting developing businesses, we believe we are making a difference in families around the world.

Take a look at some content samples below or get in touch with us to see if we can accommodate your custom content need.



signature offer sample

Lead Magnet Sample

The Signature offer lead magnet was commissioned as a first step in the lead generation strategy that uses free downloads, email marketing for relationship building and product promotion and over time, community building. The Create Launch Online Business marketing team wanted a quick downloadable document that could be used for years to come to get interested parties started in their own idea mining online.

The signature offer pdf is written in a manner that allows for updates, as they arise but offers insights on creating products or services to be sold online that will be useful for a long time. Once the design becomes outdated or systems and software change, the team can write a foreword addressing changes, redesign the package and reuse it as a lead magnet for those seeking help with their online business process.

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infographic explaining feasibility

Infographic Sample

An infographic is a succinct image dependent piece of content that can be used to convey complex concepts in a more simplified manner. While interactive, an infographic also transfers valuable company information quickly and in absorbable bits. When graphics are used, comprehension is increased and cognition improved thus allowing employees, visitors, customers or investors to have a clearer understanding of otherwise monotonous data.

As part of an online business building kit, the following Feasibility Infographic was created to explain to subscribers the various steps in the process of validating their ideas so they can create income from them. This is another example of the kind of content we create for clients to keep their customers informed and educated as well as to build trust and in turn increase their network.

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brand your style

Brand Style Guide Sample

My Girl Gigi is a bold, rebellious, almost fatalistic brand that gets in your face. If the brand were a person, she would have dark hair and smell of hashish and perfumed body powder distributed by an expensive puff. She would embody the feminine with a rugged strength and minimalistic approach that embodies the motto: “cut out the extra crap.”

The purple martini has been the inspiration for the brand from the start of the business and is modified to fit each platform and distributed marketing material.  Our rendition of the My Girl Gigi brand style guide houses the fierceness, perfectionist, yet personable brand image. The simple 20-page style guide covers style instructions, brand identity representation and design guide and can be updated as the brand evolves and rebrands while being detailed enough for graphic designers and marketing teams to follow and remain on-brand.

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Big data analysis helps companies grow

Business Article-Big Data Defined

When tasked with writing about complex topics, often referred to as “dry” articles, Copy Write Brand employs the “friend on a bar stool” technique. After getting the brand’s tone and syntax just right, we employ the sitting at a bar with a friend technique to ensure the topic is conversational and educational. While breaking down the complex concepts into simple, relatable bits that are easier to absorb, we treat the conversation with respect and dignity.

The below article was requested by a company to define big data to its B2B audience. Here is a snippet:

Big data refers to the aggressive growth and accessibility of structured (traditional numeric data) and unstructured data (modern social media, internet,) which allows for better business analysis. So, in other words, it is large volumes of information which is unable to be processed by traditional means.

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massage increases blood flow to skin

Beauty and Lifestyle Blog Sample

Frumpy2Foxy101 is a beauty and lifestyle blog that highlights the silver lining behind each experience. The following blog post was written as a follow up to a most requested topic, how to make homemade skin care products that address common skin care issues.
The readers of the blog range in age from 15-65, so covering topics that affect each age range such as dryness, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity seemed the wisest route to take.

Here is an excerpt from the blog: 
Despite what guys say, human skin is the biggest organ and it needs a lot of attention. Many underlying health issues can be detected through skin analysis and disorders.

Did you know that a face rash could be an indication of the chronic inflammatory disease lupus? Or that dark, velvety looking patches often indicate diabetes?  Not only is it important for us to pay attention to the texture and coloring of our skin, but it is also important to pay attention to the skin’s moisture levels as well, extremely dry skin could be an indication of overall dehydration, eczema, and various other irritating skin conditions.

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career development samples

Career Development Cheat Sheet Sample

Young professionals use their resumes, CVs, personal statements and cover letters to define their expertise. Consider crafting your personal brand statement to be very clear about what you do well, who you serve, what industry your passion lies in and why you are the perfect fit for the position or contract.

By creating a memorable, outstanding, and practical statement about who you are and what your unique approach to solving their problem is, you’re already ahead of the other options. Consider creating your personal brand statement before even creating your next resume, personal statement or statement of intent.

Get help with your personal brand statement, to ensure you can answer the questions who are you? What are you good at? Why would you be an asset? What makes you unique and what can you do for us.

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